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We are pleased to have you visit our website. 
Please check our schedule of services and the variety of ministries
We are conducting in our community.
We hope you will find a place to enrich your faith and grow in the Lord.
We welcome you to our church. 
Our ministry has different activities and events for all ages.
Come and experience the joy and peace the Lord provides,
and we believe you will find what you are looking for.


* Service Sunday 9:00 AM-Traditional
* Service Sunday 2:00 PM-Contemporary
* Service Sunday 6:00 PM-Evening

* Wednesday 5:30 PM-Bible Study
* Thursday 6:30 PM-Youth Gathering
* Friday 7:30 PM-Prayer Meeting
* Saturday 3:30 PM-Music Ministry Practice

Church Mission

" To spread a message
of hope
that we have in Jesus Christ,
to win souls,
to inspire and help other people 
and build churches for the glory of our Lord "

Sermon For Serving God

Service in the Lord's Church is a high and glorious blessing.
Through service, Christians give praise to God, and help to further the Kingdom.
Service in the Church allows believers to make use of their time, talents and treasure.
Christian service faith in action; it is a way to strengthen fellow believers and to reach others for the Gospel.The Church has always been blessed by those who willingly give of themselves for the sake of the Gospel. Without their faithful service, the mission and ministry of the Church would suffer. They often undertake the tasks that others are either unable or unwilling to do.
They have as their model and guide the Savior who said: "The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many." (Matt. 20:28)
This is a model of service that Christ has given to all believers.
Christian workers are human, they can become both weary and overworked.
These are difficult times in which to do ministry. This is nothing new.
The Christian Church through the ages has always ministered during difficult times.
The Church on earth will always face challenges.
It can only find it's strength in the Lord of the Church.
He has given the Church this everlasting promise: "I am with you always."(Matt. 28:20)
The Holy Spirit empowers the saints, and equips them for service.
He bestows gifts upon the saints so that they can carry out works of service.

Church Ministries

Widow's Care Ministry

Share God's Unfailing Love

Children's Ministry

Help Children to Know God

Young Adult's Ministry

We are the Light of the World

Men's Ministry

Fellowship Opportunity for Men

Women's Ministry

Transforming Lives of Women

Intercessor's Ministry

Praying for all congregation

Cell Ministry

To Spread The Word of God

Our Church Family

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